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CakePHP is used by web development companies to create multi featured websites with the help of simple procedures. Being an open source, it offers a platform for a flexible web development. As the name goes, CakePHP works on PHP, the most commonly used web development language.

Today there are many website development frameworks that run on PHP. But the robust advancements in the CakePHP development has made it the best framework among others. Due to this, it has become the most preferred platform available today in the market.

CakePHP came into existence in 2005, when the PHP market was ruled by Ruby on Rails and Spring frameworks. And due to the advanced and unique features, it was able to secure an important spot. Web development service providers are now making extensive use of CakePHP. Let us see some of its features and benefits

It Is An Open Source Platform And Supports PHP

One of the main reasons, CakePHP, having a wide popularity, is that it is an open source web development platform. There are no licensed fees or any recurring charges for using this framework. The platform supports PHP, which gives the PHP developers the freedom to create an amazing website.

Re-usability Of Codes

During the development process, most of the time is consumed in writing codes and checking the synchronization of different code structures with one another. CakePHP uses pre written codes which saves a lot of development time. It saves a lot of time of the developers which they can use on creative and logical parts. A developer can just pick a desired code, which is tested and verified, and add it to the program.

No Pre-Configurations Required In

The one thing developers always frown upon any technology is the fuss of its installations or configurations. But thankfully, CakePHP needs zero configurations before developers can lay their hands on it. Most of the settings and features are auto detected. So, the developer has to just configure the database settings. Rest of the settings are pre-configured.

CakePHP CakePHP features MVC Pattern

Today, developers prefer the MVC model platform because it gives a more professional touch to the project. CakePHP is based on Model-View-Control model.This helps them to separate the data presentation layer from the business logic. The models collaborate the data with the logic and save it in the database. Views displays the content in a presentable way to the end user. The controllers process the information before it reaches the database.

CakePHP Offers In-built Validation

CakePHP offers built-in validation features. The features are very simple and efficient at the same time. PHP developers can create different validation rules and get advanced validation functionality.

Object Oriented Programming

CakePHP supports ORM technique. This allows to incorporate the object oriented programming for the project. Data is represented in forms of classes which are used to define relations. It is also possible to pre-define callbacks and validation rules.

CakePHP Implements CRUDE Functionality

CakePHP offers CRUD functionality. CRUDE stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. Most of the database handling issues are solved by implementing CRUD. Various entities can be easily created, read, updated and deleted. CRUD in CakePHP allows easy management of data in the web development process.

CakePHP has all the features to support the process of making a perfect content management system. With the amazing features for caching, translating, validating and authenticating, one can overcome any challenges faced with ease.  

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