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Pro Windows Embedded Compact 7

Yesterday I received my copy of “Pro Windows Embedded Compact 7” by Avi Kcholi.

It’s a great book for people that have some experience and knowledge Windows Embedded Compact 7 and want to learn the “black magic” behind device driver development on this operating system.

The book guides the reader trough different aspects of drivers (and BSP) development, starting from the foundation and reaching some advanced topics that are not covered in the on-line reference.

Here’s a list of the different chapters to give you an idea of the book contents:
Chapter  1: The Foundation of Device Driver Development for Windows Embedded Compact
Chapter  2: The Tools of The Trade
Chapter  3: Design your Device Driver First!
Chapter  4: Mastering the Hardware Environment
Chapter  5: Device Driver Registry Settings
Chapter  6: Understanding Device Driver Types
Chapter  7: The Essence of Stream Device Drivers
Chapter  8: Device Driver I/O and Interrupts
Chapter  9: Device I/O Control Handling
Chapter 10: Network Driver Interface Specification and Network Device Drivers
Chapter 11: Debugging Device Drivers
Chapter 12: Using CTK to Develop Test Code

It’s more than 250 pages of rich technical contents that will help people that want to approach the “dark side” of development, working in close contact to the hardware Smile

I had the honor of reviewing it as Technical Reviewer and I hope that readers will appreciate the amount of technical knowledge provided by this book.

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Per tutti gli appassionati di sistemi embedded e per chi voglia approcciare il mondo embedded nel modo più semplice e divertente è ora disponibile un'ottima risorsa in italiano:

Qui potrete scoprire come è facile controllare device semplici e complessi usando .NET e gli stessi linguaggi che si utilizzano per la programmazione di sistemi PC o webserver.

Buon divertimento!

Posted On Sunday, December 11, 2011 9:04 PM | Comments (0)
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