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Pasta ricotta, zafferano e salmone

During the MVP summit I had a chance to visit Seattle and discover that all the miths about its bad weather are not true (at least during the week I spent there!).

I also visited the wonderful Pike Place Market and see (and taste some) all the different kinds of fish, fruits and vegetables displayed on its stands. Salmon is, for sure, one of the most interesting products. You can see huge salmons lying on the ice of some of the stands and also being thrown in the air between the employees of the market when some customer buys them (quite funny!).

If you have some salmon and want to mix it with pasta, here's an idea.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

- 350g pasta (use short pasta, like penne, mezze penne or, even better "malureddus" from Sardinia)

- 200g salmon

- 250g ricotta

- saffron

- 2 table spoons olive oil

- salt

Cook the pasta in the usual way (boiling it in salted water) and, in the meantime, cut salmon in small bits (less that one centimeter long). Put the oil inside a large pan (it should contain also the pasta) and briefly cook the salmon inside it. When the salmon bits are cooked, add the ricotta and stir well. If the ricotta is too dry, add some of the water that you are using to cook the pasta. Mix well and then add the saffron and a pinch of salt.

When the pasta is cooked, dry it and put it inside the pan, mixing it well with the ricotta and salmon sauce.


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MVP Summit 2010

The Space Needle reflected into the SF and Rock museum

As a "freshman" MVP I had a chance to attend the MVP global summit in Bellevue (WA).

It was a great chance to meet the people working on Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard, discover something about the features of the new releases (I can't provide more details since that information is under NDA) and meet in person some of the MVPs that I knew from their blogs, newsgroup posts and books, having a chance to connect a face to a name and learn something more from them.

Knowing some of the most active MVPs gave me the opportunity to hear their ideas and vision and, again, learn or try to learn from them as I do every time I read their newsgroup messages, articles and books.

Hearing people from the development team presenting some specific aspect of the system, answering questions and describing the reasons of some choices was also important to understand where those tecnologies are headed.

I also had a chance to play bowling with some of them and to discover that I could not hope to change my life by starting a career as a professional bowling player... luckily bowling is not so popular here in Italy!

Now I hope to be able to resume my Silverlight for Embedded tutorial with some interesting new content and upgrade XAML2CPP to allow me and other lazy developers to write even less code to support our XAML based UIs!

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Windows Embedded in Venice

Venerdì 5 Febbraio 2010 presso il Novotel Castellana di Mestre sarò ospite della community (una delle più attive community di sviluppatori italiane e, secondo me, quella con il nome più azzeccato) per una sessione su "WINDOWS EMBEDDED, SEGRETI E MISTERI DELLE PIATTAFORME MICROSOFT PER I DEVICES".
Avrò davanti una platea di valenti sviluppatori e spero di riuscire, nel tempo a disposizione, a illustrare le caratteristiche di Windows CE e Windows Embedded Standard e, magari, a far tentare qualche programmatore .NET dal "lato oscuro della forza"!
Nell'altra sessione della serata il bravissimo Michele "Mighell" Locuratolo (qui potete trovare il suo interessantissimo blog "The Smoking Code") parlerà di Windows Mobile.

Le informazioni pratiche (orari, indicazioni stradali e form di iscrizione) li potete trovare sul sito di ( dove troverete anche l'elenco delle numerose e interessanti iniziative organizzate da questa attivissima community.

Arrivederci in laguna!

P.S. la foto arriva da Venice (California), spero di riuscire a fare qualche foto della "vera" Venezia (non me ne vogliano gli amici Californiani!)



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