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This post below will show you how to pass a custom collection as a parameter to the webservice.
Create a custom collection class...
public class Person
public int Age;
public string FName, LName;
public Person() { }
public Person(string fname, string lname, int age)
Age = age;
FName = fname;
LName = lname;
Create a Web Method...
public void Method(Person[] fields, bool attachmentincluded)
           System.Collections.Generic.List<Person> people = new List<Person>(fields);
            foreach (Person i in people)
                string F, L;
                int A;
                F =i.FName;
                L = i.LName;
                A = i.Age;
In the consumer application...
     //Create People...
     localhost.Person john = new localhost.Person();
     john.FName = "John";
     john.LName = "Doe";
     john.Age = 37;
     localhost.Person jane = new localhost.Person();
     jane.FName = "Jane";
     jane.LName = "Doe";
     jane.Age = 37;
     //Create array
     localhost.Person[] people = { john, jane };
     //Call Web Service
     localhost.Service1 s = new localhost.Service1();
     s.Method(people, false);


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You have to define person class in web server project. When you add web service reference to your client, client side will have same class..
Left by Hakan Kutluay on Jun 23, 2009 1:42 AM

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