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WTF Next? Dev ramblings from a master of nothing. VB .NET These posts relate to VB .NET, at least partially.
Exam 70-486 Study Material: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications
As a follow up to the post I made in preparation of the 70-480 exam, I’d like to continue the series now with a look at the 70-486. Just like last time, we’ll look at a list of resources based on the individual exam criteria! General Resources Microsoft Hands On Tutorial: Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start: https://www.microsoftvirtua... Pluralsight ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 4:17 PM

How to access a WCF Service behind ISA Server 2006 Forms Based Authentication
I ran into this particular issue and didn’t find any answers to this specific question online. Here’s how I was able to accomplish this. A couple notes about my scenario: I used slsvcutil.exe to generate my service. I could not get connected to a service through “Add Service Reference” when connecting from outside the ISA server protected connection. This connection was tested and successfully retrieved data from a Windows Phone 7 device. I figured on the scale of success this was the platform that ......

Posted On Tuesday, January 31, 2012 10:25 AM

Test Data Builder pattern with object initializers in .NET
Test Data Builder Pattern When unit testing we often need to fill any POCO objects with enough data to satisfy the needs of the test. Redoing this in every test can quickly become a burden and slow down the testing process. Test Data Builder is a pattern that’s meant to help in just that situation. With test data builder you build a fluent interface that allows you to build out your POCO objects by only replacing the properties that you need specific values for. The other values are set to defaults ......

Posted On Sunday, October 9, 2011 6:59 AM

.NET XPath Returns No Results
When using XPath in .NET one of the gotchas to be aware of is that all namespaces must be named, otherwise you’ll end up with no results. Default namespaces that are specified with xmlns alone still need to be recognized in the XPath query! Say I had a bit of XML like what is returned from the QueryService web service in Sharepoint: 1: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 2: <ResponsePacket xmlns="urn:Microsoft.Search... 3: <Response> 4: <Range> 5: ... 6: <Results> ......

Posted On Thursday, March 10, 2011 2:57 PM

Increase your Visual Studio 2010 keyboard kung-fu! Shortcut charts are available for VB.NET, C#, F# and C++
Get them now! Technorati Tags: VS2010,keyboard,shortcuts ......

Posted On Friday, April 16, 2010 1:28 PM

Automating SQL Server 2000 based database generation with OSQL in .NET
This week I had a need for NUnit based unit testing against a class that depended on a provided SqlConnection. Up to this point I had been able to mock external objects and their behavior based on interfaces, but with a SqlConnection I could not mock. There are some options for mocking the SqlConnection such as TypeMock, but I needed a realistic connection to test against. This also proved as a good method for building the expected DB interface. The solution that worked best for my environment (only ......

Posted On Friday, August 14, 2009 11:55 AM

List of influential VB’ers on Twitter
Antonio Chagoury, VB MVP, has constructed a list of Twitter accounts for VB MVPs, VB Team members, and others who are influential in the VB.NET community on his personal blog, CTO v2.0. This list has many great people who are not only talented in VB, but also who have great talents in many aspects of the .NET framework. I’m listed as a VB MVP, but if you don’t want the full list you can still check me out at However, I’d recommend checking out the rest of these guys too, ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 1, 2009 4:04 PM

How To: Create a plugin architecture in VB.NET
Creating a plugin architecture in .NET can be achieved in a few steps using the .NET framework. All it takes is a little time, a common interface and reflection. In this blog we’re going to look at how to make a simple plugin that performs basic integer calculations. As a disclaimer, this method is not CLS compliant. If that is necessary for you, then stick around and I hope to have a new version that maintains compliance posted. The code in this blog is mostly illustrative, and the full code is ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 6, 2009 1:19 PM

.NET Tip: Using String Constructors
When we use string so often for its value-like behavior, it is easy to forget that the String class comes with its own constructors, and that there are some tasks you can achieve with the string constructor that you might have overlooked otherwise. Repeating characters One of the more useful overrides of the String constructor is the ability to easily repeat any character a number of times. Here’s a brief example: Dim horizontalRule As New String("-"c, 100) Console.WriteLine(horizonta... Subsections ......

Posted On Monday, May 4, 2009 9:31 AM

How NUnit and TDD helped me today
My work environment is usually an anything goes, wild west of development sort of place. There are no rules imposed, just a “get things done” attitude. Because of auditing, source control was a necessity that got added to the mix. We use SVN through VisualSVN Server and TortoiseSVN as a client. Well, as a part of self improvement and to produce better more reliable code, I’ve taken up learning TDD for myself. Our current methodology of testing here is based mostly on WTFs per minute and copious prayer. ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 11, 2009 4:26 PM

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