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So, I sat down with my supervisor the other day to discuss my schedule and talk about the upcoming project that I was hoping to use Agile practices on. I gave him the two minute rundown of the key components of what I was looking to do, touching on the sell points of what I would be doing.

  • Keeping the stakeholder involved improves acceptance chances
  • Results based on the stakeholder’s priorities
  • Demo-able software of the results as they are finished

My supervisor understands that projects don’t just complete themselves overnight. He’s faced the same battles as me and is hardened because of them. Getting his approval is paramount to helping ensure that if the stakeholders aren’t happy with the process that I have some leniency before abandoning the concept process.

This isn’t saying I’m aiming for disapproval. I’m aiming for a level of acceptance that hasn’t been seen here before. I want to prove to myself and those I work with that not only is this a viable solution, but it is a good one.


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Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2009 8:28 AM | Back to top

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