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An obligatory w00t for proper DNS functionality on the new site. Now, you can either make your way to this website from or you can go through and find my link on the sidebar. So far I'm enjoying the freedom and I'm excited about the possibilities. I will be looking into blogging solutions that I can use outside of the web (gasp, people still use desktop applications??!?), and I do hope for a solution that will allow me to email content updates for quick and dirty on the go.

Soon I'll be porting over some important tutorials on OpenSim. I hope to start more tutorials in whatever order may present itself as well, and I want to focus on the same concept WTFNext has always focused on: convey information such that anyone could understand it. I've been reading through Code Complete 2 lately, and there's a quote from Albert Einstein that equates to "If you cannot explain it to a six year old, you don't fully understand it yourself." I want to explain things so that whether you are tinkering for the first time or whether you are tinkering for the 61239048140840th time, it'll still make sense.

Many thanks to My hosting solution, it could be yours too! for this opportunity, I'll be making the most of it.

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