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The very first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Expression Web Designer is out!. A professional design tool to help you create modern standards-based Web sites. EWD is a new professional design tool for creating HTML/CSS based web sites and applications. One of the great features is the deep support for web standards - something that is more important today than ever in the designer community. It also provides sophisticated CSS management and formatting with drag and drop features that will be exciting for designers.Web Designer

Expression Web Designer helps you create and work with:

  • Standards-based Web sites
  • Sophisticated CSS-based layouts
  • Extensive CSS formatting and management
  • Rich data presentation
  • Powerful ASP.NET 2.0-based technology

Sounds a bit of fusion between Frontpage and Visual web developer rite ? According to Abhishek this is the FRONTPAGE (one of my all time favorite Microsoft Products) Next Version.

Read the release annoucement at Somasegar's blog: 

There had been a lot of improvements from frontpage 95 to 2003 but this one gives u a whole new experience!

News Group: microsoft.public.expression.webdesigner

[Download the CTP]
 Size: 224MB

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