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Update September 2020: My blog has moved. Please visit the new site.

I have been blogging since December 2013.  It was my New Year's resolution for 2014 to write 2 blog posts a month for that year.  I followed my resolution until September (not too shabby).  However, I still do blog occasionally.

When I started blogging and figuring out where to post, I decided to go with a site ( that already had a lot of developers doing blogging.  I thought this would be a better option than me creating my own site.  The site had a lot of traffic and there would be a greater chance that someone might actually read what I wrote.

I don’t regret that decision, although it does mean that it does take some of the control out of my hands.  Since 2013, the site has fallen into disrepair a bit.  Things like searching by tag/category have been broken for a long time.  It is kind of difficult to find one of my posts.

Instead of moving to a different to a different site or self-hosting, as a stop-gap I’m just creating this page as an index of all my posts.  It is quicker way of navigating my post that the tools offered by the geekswithblogs.


Also, check out my GitHub account:

Post Date Tags
The 3-Layered App 2019-07-30 Design Patterns
The 17-Layered App 2019-07-30 Design Patterns
Values Statement 2019-02-18 Ethics
Unprofessional Software Professionals 2019-02-17 Ethics
Personal Overtime Policy 2019-02-13 Ethics
Empowerment 2019-01-07 Ethics
Code Reviews 2018-09-05 Craftsmanship
How to Code Review 2018-09-05 Craftsmanship
Database Enums 2017-09-20 SQL Server
Reasons for Automated Testing 2017-02-23 Unit Testing
Effective Chat 2016-10-17 Agile
Ethics Organization 2015-10-26 Ethics
Simplicity Principles and Anti-Patterns 2015-02-20 Craftsmanship
Working Simply 2015-02-17 Craftsmanship

Notification Patterns in Rx

2014-08-30 Reactive Extensions
Strongly Typed Enum Pattern 2014-07-31 Craftsmanship
Release Notes Are Hard 2014-06-20 Craftsmanship
DRY and SRP 2014-06-11 Craftsmanship
Testing Workflows - Test-After 2014-05-30 Unit Testing
Testing Workflows - Test-Before 2014-05-30 Unit Testing
Benefits of Pair Programming 2014-04-27 Pair Programming
Scheduling Pairing Sessions 2014-04-27 Pair Programming
Inside a Pairing Session 2014-04-27 Pair Programming
What is NuGet? 2014-03-27 NuGet
Creating NuGet Packages 2014-03-27 NuGet
Add Column Descriptions in SQL Server 2014-02-27 SQL Server
Use System Queries to Browse Columns, Indexes, and FKs 2014-02-27 SQL Server
Introduction To Rowversion 2014-01-14 SQL Server
Software Development Process Links 2014-01-01 Agile
The User Story Is The Thing 2013-12-28 User Stories
Reason Based User Stories 2013-12-28 User Stories

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