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Hi Guys, I created a few Feedburner Urls to the feeds on my blog. SharePoint Content only – All blog content – Currently they point to this blog so you might have to still tolerate the ads (I am looking into what I can do about that). but for starters they are FeeBurner Urls. SharePoint Content only – All blog content – ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 31, 2006 3:05 PM

Trillian 3.0 Alpha 1 is out
Neowin is reporting that Alpha 1 of Trillian 3.0 is out. Right now I am still downloading it, btw this must be having more features or a ton more of debug message since it’s a good 4MB bigger than the earlier version. Screenshots from NeoWin here Screenshots from WinFuture here Download location here ......

Posted On Monday, November 8, 2004 7:56 AM

IntravNews 1.1 is Released
Off the intravnews rss feed intraVnews 1.1 Released intraVnews 1.1 has shipped and is now available from the download page. Kudos Peter ......

Posted On Friday, September 10, 2004 3:49 PM

Sun chips away at wireless chip connections

Scoop off Slashdot - sounds reallly interesting

Posted On Friday, August 6, 2004 10:03 AM

SourceForge to recieve contribution from Microsoft

This is an interesting read from

Although it would be cool if OSDN becomes MOSDN :)

Posted On Wednesday, July 28, 2004 4:52 AM

CNET: Losono demoed
CNETArticle on the 3D sound project by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Posted On Friday, July 23, 2004 9:37 AM

Win2k3 SP1 available for beta testers

Got this scoop of Neowin

Apparently there is a build of Windows 2003 SP1 available for Beta Testers. I am just wondering what changes have been made to IIS6, and if they would affect SharePoint in anyway (good or bad)

Ping-back if you guys know about SP1 for Win2k3

Posted On Friday, July 23, 2004 1:18 AM

Lookoutsoft acquired
CNET RSS Feed Item "Microsoft buys Lookout to boost search. The acquisition comes two weeks after the launch of a revamped MSN search. Source: buys Lookout to boost search/2100-1032_3-5271825.... Just imagine how Powerfull Outlook would be if they provided it as a freebie companion ......

Posted On Friday, July 16, 2004 2:38 AM

Cool smartphone site

Came across this site whilst looking for features in SmartPhone 2003

Posted On Tuesday, January 20, 2004 2:41 AM

GotSharePoint hot news

Looks like got recently updated with a bunch of hot news. Here is a rap of the recent headlines.

  • SharePoint 2003 beats Plumtree for Portal Product of the Year
  • HP Drives SharePoint Performance
  • CorasWorks Releases New WebParts for a true connected workspace
  • Dell selects SharePoint Technology


Posted On Friday, January 9, 2004 5:52 AM

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