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It isnt April 1st right?

I mean its too late now for an April's fool gag eh?

2 articles on DPReview make me feel that it is not.

They have 2 articles preview the Nikon D3 and the D300

Whoopie. Ofcourse I cant afford or think of affording either of these bodies, but one can always hope.

And along the lines of hoping when these 2 babies come out, would the D200 come down in price?

I foresee another couple of camera bodies comming out in 6 months to a years time as replacements to the D80 and D40 with the changes brought in by the D3. Namely the CMOS sensor, Live View, and inbuilt sesor dust removal, in built vibrarion reduction. Why? because Canon already has the 40D in this segment.

I also think the D300 wouldnt sway D200 users to make a new purchase, alhtough it might catch the eye of anyone wanting to upgrade from a D100, D70, D80 or D50 or a possible new buyer.

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Posted on Monday, August 27, 2007 4:54 PM Photography | Back to top

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Both of them sound pretty sweet. It will be some time before I can justify somthing like the D300. I don't think I could ever justify the D3 unless I started making as much money in photography as I do in IT.
Left by Tim on Aug 27, 2007 4:19 AM

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