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Where do you go to download VS2005 Extensions? Seriously where do you go? How do you know what the latest CTP is? of if an Extension is released or is in RC?

Its weird but (aka doesn't list any, doesn't list any of the extensions or the CTPs. Googling for an Extension by name is of no luck, the result takes you to a download page for the most referenced CTP (which may not be the latest).

Speaking of CTPs how do you find out what is the latest one.

Trying to find an VS Extension is an exercise in Google search terms. It takes a whole bunch of tries before you find what you are looking for and a bit of patience. This scenario however can do with a good deal of improvement.

What Microsoft should do is put up a page listing out available VS Extensions (additionally with links to the archive for CTP builds) where users can browse/search and download the extension they require.

So why all this fuss from me? I was looking for the WinWF Extension for VS 2005 and it took a couple of hours to find it. Not very productive use of time.

If anyone else is looking, you can find it here.

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