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This one is for all you car enthusiasts.

I am sure all of you have most definitely have heard of the Nissan Skyline GTR, yes we are talking about the legend here. And some of you also might know or might be freaked out by Nissans plans for the GTR. Or then again you might be mistaken.

The latest I have heard is that the next car to wear the "GTR" badge is going to look like this (image below), and it might not be a Skyline at all.

Yes, dissapointing isnt it. It looks more like the Infiniti G35 (Skyline V35) and it looks only vaguely simmilar to frighting image we were shown a couple of years back (image below). The image of the GTR that we are used to, the image of the car that would make you shudder at the start line is gone.

The legend that started way back in 1970 with the PGC10 and that was further re-inforced with monstrous cars that the GTR 32, 33 & 34 were is starting to wane. The RB26DETT engines whose power was only limited by the ammount money put into is also gone. Its to be replaced with cleaner V6 engines based on the VQ35DE that is in the 350Z. Speculation is that it might be a VQ35DETT. We already know that VQ35DE can prove its worth. Performance Motorsports has a 1700bhp 350z that does the quarter mile in just above 8 seconds. Its still not known how easy it is to boost a VQ engine.

So even though Nissan might put a GTR badge on a new car, so much of what built the legend would be replaced that the car would have a hard task of earning the GTR badge amongst its fans.

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if that is the next GT-R i think ill throw myself off a building!! (sob)
Left by Neil (nismo lovin) Bradbury on Mar 08, 2005 5:13 AM

# re: Something about Skylines
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if they do put this car in to stock then is there any hope whatso ever ?? for nissans sake plz can sum1 get hold of them !!! lol
Left by bj cool on Apr 28, 2005 5:49 PM

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