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I was asked today, “What are the Right Tools for the Job” for a programmer.

First of all Visual Studio 2013 Professional! (Next version will not be out until next year).

Whether you are programming in VB.NET or C#, you need the following:

1) Resharper – this is like having a top-notch programmer working with you to help you. It is intellisense of steroids! More details at

2) GhostDoc Pro – this aids you in producing excellent XML Documentation! More details at

3) DotCover – this is an excellent tool for checking code coverage (you do check the coverage of your unit tests – don’t you?). More details at

If you are programming in C#, then you should install and use Stylecop – this enforces a consistent code style to Microsoft standards. (It is also free!) More details at

The above tools should be available to every professional Dot Net Programmer.  The small cost is usually recovered within a month by improved productivity.

Now how about tools you might need?

DotNetPeek is a free tool from Jet Brains for decompiling and browsing Dot Net Assemblies. I have used similar to recover lost updates from the updated assembly.

I have used DotMemory and DotTrace to get a product that was supposed to be feature complete into a state fit to ship.

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