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I have recently completed reviewing the APress book "Beginning C# Object-Oriented Programming" - ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3530-9.

This is a good book to learn C# by doing something practical. I would give this book an unqualified excellent rating except there was some out of date advice on Exception handling with respect to the use of ApplicationException. (The advice given with Framework 2.0 has been superceeded. - see where it states "If you are designing an application that needs to create its own exceptions, you are advised to derive custom exceptions from the Exception class. It was originally thought that custom exceptions should derive from the ApplicationException class; however in practice this has not been found to add significant value")

Whilst I would agree that exception handling is an advanced topic which the author rightly relegates to Apprendix B, the fact that my Errata submissions made some weeks ago have not been acknowledged, does give me pause to think that there may other issues. I have emailed my APress contact to enquire why the Author has not responded to the errata, and I hope the author will respond. Once the author responds, I hope to post a final review.

The book does provide an excellent series of hands-on activities.

So should you get a copy for your trainee C# programmers? Yes!

Do I recommend it for people learning C# 2010 on their own? Yes!

[Edit: The errata for this book at has now been updated in the light of the above points. I look forward to APress issuing an updated PDF of the book.]


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