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Based upon answering many questions on forums such as, here are some tips on getting your questions answered, once you have exhausted searching on your own.

  • Choose a concise but meaningful title but avoid words like "urgent"
  • Post to the correct section of the forum - some people specialise in a particular section of a given forum
  • Make it clear that you have already made an effort to answer yourself.
  • Summerise the environmental context of your question e.g. If using SQL then state the version e.g. SQLExpress 2008
  • If you need to post a code or markup sample, tidy it up by removing extraneous blank lines and set the tab spacing to 2 rather than 4.
  • Take your time composing the question so that it is set out as clearly as possible.
  • Remember that the majority of people providing answers do so in their own time.
  • Be very polite and thank those that help you.
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