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Oslo is the codename for technical thinking aimed specifically at simplifying designing, building, managing and scaling  of service-oriented and composite applications that can span from the enterprise to the Internet.

It is thought the first version of Oslo will be delivered through the next versions of our application platform products such as Microsoft Visual Studio 10, Microsoft System Center 5, BizTalk Server 6, BizTalk Services 1 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4. So, we are talking a 18 months to a few years timeframe.

Microsoft in the past has been strongly criticised for it's SOA initiative for many different reasons which are,

  • Not having a comparable product range with most other vendors, making vendor selection harder.
  • Not adopting the same standards as other vendors, specifically in BPEL. For my mind this is a mute point as most vendors implement different versions of BPEL support in their products. The same cannot be said of WS-I WS-* standards for web services as Microsoft have supported their development using WSE extensions to .Net 2.0 and later on with WCF with .Net 3.0.

Reading the Oslo website my main concern is I'm seeing little emphasis on common standards and interoperability which for me are the main reasons why organisations decide to implement a SOA policy. So the question I'm asking is, is it really all about designing, building, scaling and managing .Net applications better which in the past has not been the strong suite of Microsoft which has made organisation go to third parties for products and advice to solve these problems.

The reason why we know about Oslo at all is that Microsoft want to have a conversation with us which is something they are getting better at however there is no blog to link to, no entry on a forum or C9 so I'm looking for somewhere where I can have that dialogue with Microsoft, hence the blog post!

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Posted on Monday, December 3, 2007 10:51 PM SOA , Main , Development Technologies , Technical Architecture , Enterprise Architecture | Back to top

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