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image imageimageLet us not beat around the bush, Google is the default search engine for much of the Internet, I need look no further my blogs site visitor statistics for evidence of that! 46% of my visitors come via search engines and 93% of those come via Google. So thank you Google for sending me nearly half of my readers!

Ok so Google is popular but I'm not married to Google, I don't own shares, so my loyalty only comes from Google being good at it's job and helping me find relevant sites after entering my search criteria, quickly, without drama or fuss. So why should I be loyal to Google if some other Search Engine offers the same?

With this in mind I was happy to hear that ASK.COM has had a revamp recently so I thought, why not try it? In fact why not actually challenge myself and use this different Search Engine for a week and give it a decent go. So here we are on Day one!

IE7 and Firefox both now have that handy search box to the right of the address bar which replaced the additional extra clutter of toolbars from specific search engines so changing search provider in both browsers is a piece of cake! 

My initial impressions are that it works just fine, it is returning results that are pretty similar to Google and Live on the few searches I've performed and compared.

The results page is pretty uncluttered but the obvious big improvement is the 'Search Again' box is to the right hand side of the screen instead of on top, giving you a few extra lines to fit extra results on to the page. Many websites including have already realised and adopted this.

When using any of the searches a simple AJAX drop down appears with a Selection Suggestions that update as you type, a good example of this work is typing in something that is going to have many combinations such as 'Tony', then type 'Tony B' and watch the Selection Suggestions change. I had seen this feature implemented many years ago on beta Google site but never as default on their live site I think they missed a trick there but not following this through as I've found this feature extremely handy more than once already.

As you can see from the attached pictures, that if you navigate to the ASK main page it is more attractive than the opposition, but granted I'm not going to see these pages much if most of my searching is done via the browsers search box.

But saying this Ask does have a killer search feature that Live and Google don't have on the front page and that is the Blog search! Performing a simple search on PopFly for example displays a set of results from blogs on the subject broken up into three tabs, Posts, Feeds and News. Directly from the resultset you can subscribe or post to the blog.

Anyway, I will let you know more as the week progresses.

Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2007 11:41 AM | Back to top

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