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... was the conclusion of a recent IDC Research survey, entitled 'FROM PILOT TO PAYOFF: SERVICE-ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE HITS ITS STRIDE' which can be found here.

Top Survey Insights
• Between 2005 and 2006, SOA adoption accelerated – with increases in pilot program, departmental, and enterprise-wide deployments.
• SOA spending increased, while funding for traditional architectures dropped.
• SOA momentum will continue to build, as most companies consider SOA a critical short- and long-term need.
• More companies created governance programs and enterprise architecture groups.
• Inhibitors to SOA are shifting, indicting that companies are further along in SOA planning.

"Nearly every respondent assigned some level of priority to SOA, with over 50% identifying SOA as being a high or critical priority for their company over the next 12 months, up from 42% in 2005. As striking as those numbers are, they became more impressive when the survey looked out even further, with a remarkable 79% of respondents indicating that SOA is a critical or high priority over the next three to five years. This compares to only 61% who held the same view a year earlier. No longer just an interesting technology approach, SOA has become a major consideration for a majority of businesses. By the end of 2006, SOA will be the dominate technology issue in the IT market."

Do you agree? Are you working on a SOA project? If so hows, it going? We are doing one here and it does at the moment just seem to be a vehicle for buying loads more software, but hey I'm a cynic.

Anyway, The Register has a SOA survey, so if you are fully up to speed or think it's all a load of marketing hype this is your chance to feedback. The survey can be found here.

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