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Two days running! I’m blown away again!

Today it was the turn of Neon and their product called Shadow RTE and how they have simply cracked the problem of getting the IBM mainframe to become a full partner in the Service Orientated world. The scary bit being that not many mainframe guys are going to do much complaining with this technology and it may work well enough that you may even rethink your plans to migrate away from the wee blue beastie!!!

Put very simply Shadow RTE is a range of tools that allow full standards compliance with all the gubbins on the mainframe. I.e. CICS and DB2 calls can be access via fully WS-* compliant web-services, because Shadow RTE sits on the mainframe! No extra server boxes! No messing about with opening up special protocol stacks! No using SNA! No using PCOM! ( Dave C, mate, I can hear you cheering from here!) Shadow RTE sits under the management console on the IBM and is administrated just like any other C program. Even the security calls are converted to RACF calls.

Ok so you get the message that the mainframe can be this dirty great big entity services engine for data and business logic, now here comes the good part … Neon have added a few extra commands to COBOL so COBOL can consume web services. Now this has put the cat amongst the pigeons because business logic or data can be used by COBOL that has come from over sources, .Net, Java, Oracle how knows! So if you are resource constrained on the COBOL front and you need a business logic change in a hurry, get a .Net developer to knock it up, expose it as a service and get your COBOL program to consume it.

Yep this does sounds like the makings of spaghetti hell, hmmm what a pleasant problem; ‘oh I’ve got too many service that the world and his wife can use!’ LOL! I wish! Seriously, Shadow RTE is a license for an explosion of services, so I would recommend a strong governance policy on services backed-up by some really nice management tools. UDDI? Don’t make me laugh! I said strong governance!

Now I've left the best to last ... this thing can scale! Read this ... "Given the mission-critical nature of their applications, the volumes of data and the predicted workload, which currently reaches two million SQL calls per hour, Land Registry concluded that the only viable computing platform is the mainframe."

I'm going off to find somewhere cool and dark now to calm down.

EDIT: Now if you were thinking about dropping me a comment about IBM's Websphere, lets just say a couple of things, Shadow RTE can multi-task. Websphere is single threaded. Websphere is just 200 bits of un-integrating kit.

EDIT: What about Host Integration Server from Microsoft? Well lets be honest, opening up SNA doesn't allow a great deal of control on the mainframe side. Hmmm, and I suspect that Microsoft know it, this is perhaps why Neon is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Hey, this is how we found them!

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# re: I'm blown away again ... Neon breathes new life into IBM Mainframes to make it the ultimate services engine!
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Woah, dude....... this is some serious stuff indeed - as you say, kick the Pcomm right in to touch and bring on the Heavyweights.
Left by Dave Caddick on Nov 24, 2005 7:24 PM

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