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Microsoft today have announces a new set of development qualifications.

There are three levels of qualifications starting from Specialist level, to Professional with the third and highest level being Architect.

Now it’s nice and simple to understand and I much prefer this to some meaningless acronym which I couldn’t equate to a job title or more importantly pay scale.

More information can be found here.

Now the qualification to become an Architect is pretty darn tough but perhaps rightly so as it insures that the people who reach this level are true black-belt and battle-harden individuals who can use there Guru status to best advantage.

This only issue I can see with the title ‘Architect’ is that in UK law this title is actually protected by law, so not any old Tom, Dick and Harry in the construction industry can call themselves an Architect and go a head and design and build a building without certification. So I have been advised to change my title, hence the ‘Devitect’ which I’m using as a hybrid between Developer and Architect, the idea I actually got from Bill Gibson who is one of my new hero’s (along with Eileen).

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