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What were you doing on Saturday? Traipsing around the shops looking for new socks? Spending hours in the Supermarket? Getting the car sorted out? That badly need haircut perhaps? It’s sometimes a bit of a rubbish day-off.

But last Saturday it was another fantastic Developer Day 2 @ Microsoft in Reading followed by a Geek Dinner! Ahh my Geek Heart almost exploded with excitement.

Now I didn’t go there for the freebies! Who does that? Please!

I did however go to socialise which is one of my favourite pass times. It was good to catch up with friends and have an opportunity to make new ones. So if I did meet you I will be dropping you an email or comment on your blog soon.

Before I launch into the sessions I attended I would like to take the opportunity to say a Big Thank You to the organisers and presenters of the day. They do this all for free and do not work for Microsoft. It’s purely all just for the community which makes the whole thing even more amazing.

The highlights of the day for me were,

Domain Specific Language (DSL) Tools for visual Model-Driven Development with Annie Matthewman. – This session was a great easy to digest intro into the DSL section of Team System. DSL’s are going to become more prominent in the development cycle if you decided to adopt the Software Factories approach to development which I would strongly recommend that you look at. Annie had a great opportunity to work with the team that created DSL’s at Microsoft and her knowledge from this experience was easily conveyed as Annie is a natural presenter.

XSLT with Richard Costall  / Dave McMahon . Richard and Dave are the 'Morecombe and Wise' of Developer Days. Their wise cracks and antics kept us entertained and informed on what is quite a heavy subject. I certainly wanted to get my head around XSLT as it’s a primary part of my SOA. The guys hadn’t included much about XPath in the session and because of the constraint of time, clearly the presentation need more time and I would have happily sat there for an hour more. Needless to say I need to get my head around XPath as it is clear that XSLT and XPath have a ‘hand in glove’ relationship.

Liam Westley  did an intro to SubVersion. Liam is one of the best presenters at Developer Days and I promised myself I would catch his session no-matter what the subject.

Now I wasn’t aware of SubVersion as an alternative to using Visual SourceSafe, but for small developments I really see little point in using Source(Un)Safe now, SubVersion clearly doesn’t suffer from the same limitations as SourceSafe and is well worth investigating.

How can I not mention Sarah's session on Windows CE and Windows Mobile Device Software Development. Sarah’s session was an intro to developing applications in Windows CE which she has pushed the envelope more than most. Her experience and hard knocks are our gain as her session was littered with alsorts of hints, tips and pointer to KB articles and bugs. Neil Cowburn was also in the session and gave us a little more incite into some of the more technical pieces. A thought for next time, perhaps Neil should co-present, but I know he’s a bit shy, but from the session I didn’t see any evidence of that, go for it Neil!

After the Developer Day, Ian kindly gave me a lift to Reading where we met up with the rest of ‘leftovers’, waifs and strays the lot of them from the day, many scratching change together to get a half pint all before heading onto the Geek Dinner which my friend Sarah had kindly organised.

Now the Geek Dinner was the highlight of the day for me, because the drunken-bum that I am on occasions like this, got to podcast as sadly Hugh was ill. From experience the recordings always makes me sound like my balls haven’t dropped but in real life I have a sort of ‘Terry Wogan’ sounding tone to my voice, honest Guvner! So when you download the podcast may as well import into you voice software and knock it down an octave or two, just the hint I don’t sounds like Barry White.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone at the Geek Dinner! I’m not sure I’ve said anything wrong but being the character that I am I’m bound to have at sometime. I just know Sarah’s going to kill me for something; I can feel it in my water.

The podcast links to follow.

Don't forget to feedback here is the link.

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# re: My Developer Day 2
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It was Lloyd Davis who was ill... not Hugh... Hugh is a marketing bod... he would never have gone to saturday's event. Hopefully Lloyd is feeling a lot better now!

Oh and yes you are in a lot of trouble after publishing online my nickname... You are soooo cheeky! I will forward the podcast to Lloyd to post online! :)

Left by Sarah on Oct 24, 2005 8:57 AM

# re: My Developer Day 2
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What was that Minxy ... I didn't quite hear that?
Left by Dave Oliver on Oct 24, 2005 12:19 PM

# re: My Developer Day 2
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Hey Dave - it was good meeting you at the geek dinner! I'm looking forward to hearing the podcast, we had a lot of fun being interviewed by you.
Left by Oliver Sturm on Oct 24, 2005 4:29 PM

# re: My Developer Day 2
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Thanks so much for your comments, really enjoyed the day.

We have to present our session again at the VBUG annual conference 23/24th November and as we have more time, we will be extending the xpath section of it...
Left by Richard Costall on Oct 25, 2005 5:46 AM

# re: My Developer Day 2
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Thanks for the feedback Dave and for the comments on my site. I had a ball! Glad and somewhat amazed someone at least learned something through all that! I just hope I'm not the one with short fat hairy legs ...
Left by Dave Mc on Oct 25, 2005 11:40 AM

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