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Sarah being the cheeky lady that she is put my name down on the Girl Geek Dinner Wiki, like I needed persuading!

It was indeed a good opportunity to meet some really interesting people, men and women, as there was a pretty good mix even though the night was really all about the Girls.

It does have to be said that there is no stereotype that can fit a Girl Geek, it’s pretty clear that you couldn’t put a Girl Geek in a box and label it. A Girl Geek can not be categorized by looks, age, job, industry or walk of life, what defines a Girl Geek is a love of technology. The event was about an opportunity to network, share experiences and make friends.

Eileen Brown's speech was examining what is a Girl Geek? Eileen’s personal story demonstrated that she is a character that is very accomplished and highly technical who is no stranger to being a female vanguard in male dominated industries.

Eileen had explained earlier using the OSI 7 layer model the differences between men and women in technology, which is a classic which you have got to catch on the podcast.

I really liked Eileen, I wished I had more of an opportunity to speak to her. I bet she has plenty more fascinating stories to tell.

Adriana Cronin-Lukas speech did touch a nerve with me as she managed to summarise that blogging is another episode in an age old struggle between hermeneutics and formalism. This struggle is demonstrated so vividly in the IT industry as the industry is imbalanced towards formalism. I have been working on an article for some time on this subject which I will share with you when it’s ready.

Adriana and I had a really good chat about that after her speech, which because cheeky Sarah left on her recorder. will no doubt be part of the podcast.

Anyway, the food was good, the wine was also, apparently, (I was driving so no drinking for me) so a good night had by all.

Links to the podcast, pictures and links to follow.

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