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"Companies developing plans to better serve customers running JBoss Enterprise

Middleware System on Microsoft Windows Server.


ATLANTA and REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 27, 2005 — JBoss® Inc. and Microsoft

Corp. today announced plans to explore enhanced interoperability between their

respective JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS™) and Microsoft® Windows

Server™ products and deepen JBoss support for the Windows Server operating system.

While the two companies will continue to compete for software developers with their

respective Java and Microsoft .NET offerings, the companies are exploring opportunities

to improve interoperability and ensure an optimized experience for customers using

JBoss on the Windows Server platform. The cooperative effort seeks to provide

customers with richer functionality and better integration, resulting in a lower cost of



The technology engagement between the two companies is expected to include technical

assistance and architectural guidance on the following features:


Microsoft Active Directory®. Integrated sign on and federated identity

Web services. Interoperability using WS-* Web services architecture

Management. A Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager

SQL Server™. Optimized performance for users of Hibernate, JBoss’

object/relational mapping technology, and Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0"


Press release can be found here.


It's a good day in the computer industry when two seemingly diametrically apposed organisations can say that not only are they going to work together but produce deep integration between their products.


It’s a reality that large organisation such as the one I work for have many different development platforms which we mostly have acquired through acquisition and merger. As theses applications perform essential functions there hasn’t been a large enough business benefit to replace the applications and standardise the development technology platform across the enterprise through want of trying.


These days’ applications can no longer be an island so integration is becoming more and more important and yet another point to point solution adds to the already burgeoning cost of supporting software.


So when different software vendors agree to co-operate as JBoss and Microsoft have then this is good news for all.


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