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Whilst on the subject of SQL Server 2005, I wanted to just talk about a new feature that is coming in the new SQL Server Mobile Edition that I’m excited about.

Well you know when you can run .Net code on a mobile device from the Visual Studio IDE? Well in the new version of SQL Server Mobile Edition and SQL Server 2005 you will be able to run SQL on the device from the SQL Server Management Studio!

Big deal!? Well yes if you have tried to use the SQL editor on a PDA which is so painful typing the simplest of SQL commands is a laborious process.

My new PDA (the I-Mate PDA2K) has a thumb pad which makes typing a little quicker if you’re an Upalumpa but sadly I’m not going to ever type a novel on a PDA let a lone a complicated SQL command which as you can imagine is a pain if you really need to find an error. Yes I know I can use the remoteDSP.exe that comes with the PDA powertoys (can you find this to download from Microsoft now? Nope nor can I!) but the screen isn’t all that fast on the update so doing database work on the PDA right now isn't a good experience right now.

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