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News Currently working on complete Enterprise Design Patterns set of examples and blog articles based on AdventureWorks 2008 R2 Sample Database. This is my favorite sample database as you can use if for about anything from simple applications development to business intelligence applications
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Just an update .... I'm currently working on the next presentation in the multi-part of a series on the Applied Design Patterns project called “AdventureWorksDesignPatterns” .

It has been a busy summer both at work and home. 

Summer is "DIY" time at my house as I'm building a 16 by 20 foot raised deck.

Work wise ..... Some of my team and I have been updating some of our "Demonstration" and "Proof Of Concept" applications to test out Microsoft's Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric

This is turning out to be very interesting and may require some blogs on this subject in the next year after we get AdventureWorksDesignPatterns”  series well underway.

I also want to do a thing on web security.  I'm not sure whether to treat that separately or to mix it into the Applied Design Patterns Series.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?

But my primary goal is to keep the “AdventureWorksDesignPatterns” Project on track, because I think there is really a need to demonstrate how to actually implement design patterns into a useful "Enterprise" application demonstrator for the community.

NOT to mention proving some of us Architects practice what we preach.

(Ha Ha... Yes Bill....  I try to practice what I preach!!)


Have a great summer everyone and keep checking back!!

The Ron


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