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Materials for the PHILLNJ.NET Presentation – August 24, 2010

On August 24, 2010 I demonstrated the “Repository Pattern” which is a Enterprise Architecture Design Pattern and the foundation of Domain Driven Design (DDD) which is primary in loose coupling your applications design.

At this presentation I demonstrated the use of the “Repository Pattern” combined with other subjects such as Unit Testing, Custom Mocking with LINQ & Generics.

I also gave out a limited number of CD with the code and 30 page walkthrough document and Powerpoint.

These are now avaliable on my SkyDrive at ”!130 “.

The presentation was held at which is a sub group of .

We’ve been meeting at the

Greenwich Township Branch Gloucester County Library System
411 Swedesboro Road Gibbstown, NJ 08027

PHONE: (856) 423-0684

If your looking for talent to employ, or just out to find fellow geeks and learn something new.

Come on out to visit us.

Recruiters and businesses we could always use a sponsor.

Please see the websites for information on events, etc… AND

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