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Why does it seem that I am always saying sorry (or in Japanese Gomennasi)?  Well I am late again for blog as you can see. The CCNA class’s part 1 (also known as CCENT) was, well more intense than all of the certification classes before it.   The teacher was cramming as much as he could into us during the week and it was hard to come home and do much more than fall into bed (Well I was doing still doing my Job search and checking up on my web sites and groups).   But I didn’t have much left in the way of blogging (Which by the way is now in 3 different sites). Even though it was hard some times, I really liked the fact I was getting back to something like (and mean really like, in fact I like Cisco routers than some people I know). At the class, I got some software that allows me to simulate setting up and troubles shoot Lan’s or Wan’s.   When we weren’t getting facts for the test thrown at us, we were doing labs with this software. It was fun for me to be able to use the CISCO router commands and trouble shoot router issues. Even if it was just a sim. So now it is study, study, take practices tests and do the labs. I took the week end and more off after cram CCENT week but, now I am back at it.  Also I could not keep up with my Love Dare book during week of the class. No I did not stop or forget what I already learned. I just put the next dare on hold. Well the hold is off starting tomorrow and tonight I think I am going to write a new cover letter. Let’s see what else I can get done tonight. Hmm I think I will try to do a sim of my home wireless LAN and study for CCENT test in about 3 weeks.   So see you tomorrow (I hope).
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