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Scott L. Newman
If your from the over 50 group, you remember the saying “Don’t trust any one over 30”.  
Well that same group (and some of you 40 something’s), may be now thinking, those young kids (30 something’s and under) wont hire me because I am over 40!   Hmmm, have you heard or though that before?   I don’t know if the current generation is passing us over because we older or not but, I do know that there seems to be a lot of us out here looking for work.  Come on, we survived the last recession (the state I was in was hit real hard and the town I was living at. Well it hit 25% employment).  Granted we were younger but, we are still the same persons.  We have gone thru work, business and personal problems and survived.   How about you joining a group of survivors “Gray Matters!” in LinkedIn and Face Book.
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