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Scott L. Newman
You didn’t miss much. Mostly me, sitting at computer, searching for an IT job.   Had a phone interview with IBM for a job in Iowa (I think I ready said that in an earlier post). Checked out two tech training schools and trust me if you don’t have $50 to throw away for FastTrain’s financial aide interview, don’t bother with them. Hew Horizon the school I picked, did not charge me any thing for that. So it looks like I am going back to school in December.   Will be taking A+ (computer stuff I all ready know, I just don’t have the certificate), Network + (same thing) and CCNA (well I only know that half way sort of). I never though that at 57, I would be going back to school but, I never though I was going to start raising a kid again at 53.   Hmm maybe there is some life left in me yet. Now if I can get an employer to think the same.
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