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Scott L. Newman
Well let’s say my miss-adventures are not endearing to my wife. Well on the 30th Thursday, I put the half sized spare on the truck and went to the Tri-service job fair. After what happen at the pink slip one, I did not have much hope but, was I in for a surprise. There were 65 recruiters there, talk about a target rich site.   I got my resume out to some (at one point I was worried that I might run out) and got a lot of business cards. Also the truck did not over heat and spare held up.  Thursday, Oct 1st, Another job fair, not as many recruiters but, a fair amount. Only got one business card and one recruiter said he would have hired me if I had a CCNA. So I picked up some cards and materials from the schools that were there. I had qualified for a grant so it’s off to school for me it seems. Well that night and Friday, I started sending out email and logging in to business sites from the cards I got. It took me till Saturday the 2nd, before I got through all of them and I still have the hand outs to go through.   I also trying to patch the tire and fix my bow and Monday, I will try once more to get that weed whacker working. Sunday the 3rd, went to same church again and found my self working their sound booth the regular guy was out of town and no one seem to have a idea how to work it. I had volunteered to help in it last Sunday but, I though some one would be there to show me the ropes. Well I managed to work the sound and record the service. How is that for jumping in to deep end, well I think the Lord had lot to do with it. I always seem to be able to deal with things like that. One of the abilities that God gave me. Well that brings us up to date. So until next time….
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