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Scott L. Newman
And a lot has happened since the last post (No I havnt got a job yet). September 23th, My little girl’s BF is in the hospital, they don’t know what the problem is yet. For me another empty job search day. The 24th, my group is still growing but, the growft is slowing down. At about 10:00 we were informed by Wifes best friend (Mom of our little girls BFF) that her daughter is going to in to the OR and their still not sure what problem is. My wife left for hospital (25 miles away) as the Mom was all alone with her daughter. She told me she would keep me informed.   About 13:30, she called and informed me that it was her Appendix and they got to it before it ruptured. Thank the Lord!! 25th Me and my daughter mowed the lawn, she is getting better at it. She is driving our riding mower. We were going to weed whack but could not find the power cord (no I have not been able to get gas one to work yet!), so we gave up on that. Found it much later but by that time, we were both too tired. 26th Sunday, We went to that near by church again. The are so friendly.   Later that day, we had a big family talk (not really talk and not really a fight) over, what else the lack of money and my lack of a job. Monday the 27th, another day of coming up empty in my job search. Monday the 28th, well they are widening one of the main roads in to town and have cut down a lot of trees.   So as we have a fire place, I went off and asked if I could have some. One of road workers supervisors said take it. So I, my truck and chain saw went cutting wood that they had cleared by church we have been going to. Got a good load of it and was way tired. Too tired maybe as I drove over one of church’s spot lights and broke it and my trucks wind dam. Called the pastor, informed him and offered to pay/fix it but, he said no. He was more worried that I may have damage my truck.   Well after that I went to get my daughter at school and while waiting in line the truck started to over heat. I though it was due to hot weather and the AC being on but, soon as I picked her up and got on the road. The temp started going down. As soon as, we got home and after she took a shower. We went to visit her BFF in the hospital, with me watching the temp on the truck. Every thing was OK until we got a traffic jam and the temp went up and over heating alarm went off again. Thank fully the traffic started up and temp went down. Well the visit went well and the girls (both big and little) had great visit. It real seem to help her BFF feel better.   On the way back the truck was running a little hot but, not as bad as the way in. Checked the truck after we got home, found that covering around the fan was jammed up against it and fan was not able to turn. Tuesday 29th, had to cut out part of the covering and remove the rest, so fan could turn but, now had another problem the radiator started to leak. So it was off to Auto part store and I got some stop leak. Which seems to fix the leak but, on our way to Wednesday night church, I cut a little too close to curb and slipped one of tires in to the storm drain and cut the side wall on it. Also the radiator started leaking again. This not good…..Well will finish up tomorrow, I hope!!!
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