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Monday night and sorry but won’t be finishing this tail up.   I am sorry; I am sorry but, after waiting for an hour and half today for interview for maintence job (yes a maintence job), getting my hair cut and putting on good look out fit. I was mentally tired. And that’s not counting my normal job search computer time.  Well back to the tail of my first grandson. Friday the 21st, we got up and left for the hospital around 10:00 AM, visited my daughter, No grand kid yet! As there was only allowed 3 persons at a time in the room, we were in and out of her room and the waiting room down stairs.   Around 19:00 I and the ten year old went back to my son’s to let our dog out for walk. Oh didn’t tell you that most of our pets made the trip to my son’s.   So our dog and bird were with us too. Well at my son’s, the only one that didn’t make the trip was ten year olds fish. Which was staying with one of her friends. We also picked up some blankets as it was cold in that waiting room. Well around 21:00 my wife goes up to check on Lavonna and was informed by the staff that they are busy in the room. To which my wife asked if we should go home to rest and was told, I would wait for while longer. At 00:17 the status board showed her in delivery and we waited and waited for it to show as delivered.   As the board also said No visitors. It was not until about 01:30 when my son in-law came down did we find out that grand son had been born at 00:19. Gee I seem to have finished the story. Well next I need to bring my blog up to date; I will try to do that tomorrow.
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Dude your story has SOOOOOO many wrong things in it it's crazy. At one point you call me Lavonna.
Left by krisha on Sep 05, 2009 3:48 PM

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