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Scott L. Newman
Sorry. I was going to finish this up last night, but, I spilled a big cup of water on my keyboard and mouse. The keyboard was ok but, the mouse. Well I was able to get it track right and left but, not up and down. Had to shut the PC down for the night. Got a new mouse today. Now where was I, oh ya.   The night of the 19th, went to the hospital and almost got a speeding ticket. Told the officer about my daughter and he let me go. Thank the Lord!.   Well we got to hospital and had to wait as the display board was saying no visitors. Hold on I just remember she didn’t get sent to hospital until Thursday the 20th but, we did get to my son’s on the 19th, my wife did check on her that night but, we stayed at my son’s for the night.   It was on 20th and in the afternoon that she was sent to the hospital and we only found out after my son in-law answered his cell phone (We had left a few messages). So off to hospital and my almost speeding ticket.   As I said, before we waited in the wait room as it said no visitors on the computer message board.   It wasn’t until my son in-law came down for a break that they knew we were there.   It seems the phones were off. He said nothing is happening right now but, we could go up and see her. Fastest I ever seen my family move to an elevator.   Well we spent something like 6 hours at the hospital before going back to my son’s.   Well I will try to finish this up by Monday. We are going down to see my daughter and my grandson. Heyyyyyyy.
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