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Scott L. Newman
Well I tried it again Monday 17th. Turned on the water and still some leaks but, not bad. So more glue and I waited for bit. Turned on the water and no leaks from from that fitting. I had my little girl checking it out while I was turning on the water. Just as I started walking from the water main where I had turned it on. The fitting on the other side of stand pipe blew off and water every where. So again off goes the water and a trip to hard wear store. Got some more fittings and reworked the whole thing. Waited for about an hour (while I was waiting, I was informed that my wife was posting the whole thing on her face book.) and turned it on. I held I had finally fixed the thing. Well I was pretty tired after that so I went in to pool area and just dropped in to the pool. Well after drying off and resting, went on line and looked for work.   That night was informed by my wife that we have to go back down to son’s as they maybe putting my daughter into the hospital Wednesday.    Tuesday 18th, fixed, cleaned and mowed the rest of the lawn (with out braking any thing else). And O ya, looked for work.   Wednesday 19th, after me and the 10 year old finished up, what was left over from yesterday; we left for my son’s, getting there around 17:00. Unpacked and went to check on my daughter at the hospital. No grand kid yet. Well I will try to finish this up tomorrow.
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