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Well I am back to tell more of what has happen over the last 3 weeks.  I think

It is was 3 or was it 4, never mind. When we got home (on the 15th) and unpack the truck, we did some clean up around the house and rested. I reset up my home computer, which a friend had fixed (both theDVD and CD/RW had stopped working) and checked it out. The same friend had also given me a new computer ( A Dell) so I could start a freelanc vido editing job. O btw does any one have KVM switch. I have two computers and only one, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Sunday the 16th, we went to church down the road from us. It was ok but, the pastor was on vacation and there was sub in for him. We will have to try it again later. Well after church, we had to leave early has my wife started to feel bad, me and my little girl started mowing the lawn.   She does ok

But, she ran over one of the sprinler heads. It was not damage but, still.

Later while showing off to her on how to mowe I backed in to our water stand pipes and broke them. I have feeling I don’t want to see what my water bill is going to be. We ran down to Home depote, got replacement pipes and fitings.

Which like the pipe I broke  are PCV and the glue for PCV. Fited them togetter and glued them but, I had tried to glue a broken pice togetter with a fiting and was getting pin hole leaks. So put more glue on it and let it wait over night. Which ment no water for the nigth and a unhappy wife. Well more tomorro.

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