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Well I am back and I now have a Grand Baby boy born Aug 22, at 12:19.  Well now I that I have that down, here is what I/We have been doing.  On Tuesday July 28, after finshing looking for work.  We left for my Son’s, stopping at my in-laws on the way down.  On the 29th, Wensday we got to my son’s apartment.  Which was a 3 room apartment (4 if you counted the bathroom), all of which were small.  4 persons (one of which was 10 year old girl) in this small apartment.  I had to share his computer (which was slowwwww in coming up) for my job searching (So that’s why you have not heard from me is such a long time).  I had my lap top but, the keyboard is broke (L & K) wont work.  I can get around the problem with but, it is a pain.  Well after dropping off out stuff at my son’s we stopped over to my dauthers house.   Found her still with child (no grand son yet).  She was hopping to have home birth, she had a mid-wife all readly for it but the kid wont come.   So from the 29th  ot July to the 7th of August.  It was same thing.  Waiting, for kid to come, looking for work when I could use my son’s computer and trying not to drive my son, nuts (I think he is ok, as he is still talking to me.).  Well a lest I got to go to my old church again and to take the little girl to beachs.  Got a phone call from a company that checks out your resume to see if you were telling the trueth for a un-named company, while we were there (at the beach).   On the 8th and 9th, me and my little girl went back home to mow the lawn and take in the mail.  We left my wife a my son’s and came back late on the 9th.  Continued the doing the same as before (Waiting, for kid to come, looking for work when I could use my son’s computer and trying not to drive my son, nuts).  Until the 15th when way had to come home.  Well more on this story and more (like me breaking the water pipes to the house) tomorro.

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