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Sorry for not posting more regularly but I've been working on a side project that has been taking up much of my time and probably will for at least another month or so. For a couple years now I have used, at least in some fashion, CSLA.NET to build applications and the creator of the framework announced last September that he was discontinuing the VB.NET version of the framework going forward.

While I prefer c# I do have to use VB.NET on some projects and really don't want to be without CSLA if possible. So, figuring this was my opportunity to give something back and hopefully learn more about the framework. If you have not heard of CSLA.NET and either are looking for a great framework to speed up your development or if you are new to programming and want to really dive into oop visit and check it out.

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I learned a lot from the idea that they have presented. It is worth checking out. - Mark Zokle
Left by William George on Sep 20, 2016 5:44 AM

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