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2010 is going to be a busy year for me. The latest release of Commerce Server 2009 (Codenamed "R2" ) scheduled to be released at some time this year, and the CTP's are literally "flying" out of the product team's office and on to the Internet – with some great enhancements around deployment, and the Commerce Foundation API. I'll write a post about the updates and changes later this week, however one of the major enhancements is the removal of the dependency of Commerce Server assemblies to be present in the presentation layer. The architecture referred to as n-tier opens the door for many alternate implementation methods of the traditional e-Commerce type platform. This varies from multi-channels, to multi-platform, and implementing the latest technology and industry trends such as Social commerce and networking, augmented reality and rich interface applications, as well as interaction between the web platform, to mobile devices, and in-store retail applications (such as kiosk).

To demonstrate these API improvements, as well as demo some of the alternate applications that e-commerce can be deployed within. I have submitted a Session Abstract for MIX 10 Open Call. These sessions as nominated by public vote, so if you are interested in seeing Commerce Server 2009 R2 implemented with multi-touch, Silverlight, Social media, and a whole host of interesting applications then please vote for my session. Nominations are simple, just click the following link:

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Can you help me to locate CommerceServer 2009 tutorials.
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