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I guess I’m one of those people who rarely reads manual, and outside of technical documentation, I rarely read an application’s user manual.  So I’m using Windows Live Writer, and I’m trying to embed a picture in my draft blog post.  Well, whenever I do that, the picture always come in scaled down (if it’s even a tad large, like 300 pixels wide), like the picture below:


Well, obviously with technical and text-heavy images, scaling down is bad (can’t read much).  I can go to the HTML source, but I can’t seem to rescale the image, even when I took out the width and height property.  Pretty weird.  So how do I scale it?  Clicking on the image in Live Writer shows me the following information on the right-hand pane:


First off pictures that are inserted into Live Writer automatically gets treated as a clickable link.  If it’s a regular (non-text) picture, most probably that’s desirable; however in most of my cases, I’d like to put in the actual picture itself and don’t want to make it clickable.  So make sure you set the bottom-most combobox (the one under the heading Link to) to None.

On the top side of this info pane, there are 3 tabs; select the ‘Advanced’ tab and the information displayed changes to:


The combobox under the Size heading will also list the original size; select that and your picture now gets shown in its original size.  I’m happy ()to have found this since in some of my past blog posts I actually had to set the width/height of the picture manually in the HTML.

Also, with geekswithblogs, to set the tags to associate with your blog post, the bottom part of Live Writer has this ‘Set categories’ combobox – click on it and it’ll show you the tags that you’ve defined in your blog:


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How do I make a windows live album non clickable?
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