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February 2016 Entries

Now this is quite a big deal for me. I spend most of my time in the land of enterprise apps (as you know). Most of the effort it with building the infrastructure to have someones device talk back to one of our servers. I get wrapped up with issues, about connectivity/amount of bandwidth I’ve got and what happens if someone goes offline. iCloud has been a walled garden up until this point. Its great for syncing your photos/documents etc. but its a closed system for us Enterprise folks. Now I’ve got ......

So some good progress. I wrote a bit of python that reads the Meta-Data from Shairport Sync. This gets me album art, artist title etc. I can send this code to you, if you are interested. Just to make the cabling a little neater, I needed to make the Pi work upside down, which resulted in me needing to rotate the album art image by 180 degrees. The Debian Package ImageMagic takes care of all this. I ended up with the python script saving the image out to a folder, I then run the following command ......