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March 2010 Entries

So I blatantly got this idea from the MIX 10 event. At MIX they held a rockband talent competition type thing (I’m not quite sure of all the details). But the interesting part for me is how they collected votes. They used Twitter (what else, when you have a few thousand geeks available to you). The basic idea was that you tweeted your vote with a # tag, i.e #ROCKBANDVOTE vote Richard How cool…. So the question is how do you write something to collate and count all the votes? Time to press the magic ......

I’ve been trying to protect password entry boxes in Windows Phone 7 (on the emulator) SilverLight supports inputscopes to achieve just this. Peter Foot blogged about this too. http://mobileworld.appamund... It seems that password inputscope doesn’t quite work yet, please don’t pull your hair out like I just did.. This is the code I was using. ......

Very cool

So I spent a couple of hours yesterday building my first Windows 7 Phone Series. application. I still can’t get used to saying Windows 7 Phone Series. So I think I’ll just go with WP7. I must say I’m really impressed. Calling web-services a breeze laying out User Interface a very straight forward. I had made called into Dynamics NAV using web-services in under 10 minutes. Working in XAML takes a bit of getting used to, I’m not trying to-do anything too clever yet. One thing I will point out to transition ......

Just passing on the good news from MIX Keynote yesterday. The CTP Developers Kit for Windows Phone 7 Series, is available here. First impressions are great. Hello World up and running in under 2 minutes - Technorati Tags: Windows Pgone 7 Series ......

Want a super mini .Net application to quickly send a Tweets> This baby does it straight from the command line, i.e just type I’ve just been using it, to notify my when certain long running SQL tasks complete. Mail me/or send me a Tweet :-) , if you’d like source…. Configure your username in the file ......

On Friday night, I took my life in my own hands and helped out out our local school PTA quiz night. Of course being a techie, what could I possibly add to an event like this. The answer of course is a scoreboard… Using a projector a laptop I perched myself at the front of a school hall in front of all the parents to either face a techie success or dismal humiliation in front of my peers. The scoreboard itself was an ASP.NET AJAX application that periodically and smoothly refreshed itself drawing ......