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So I was reading through Cameron Skinners blog the other day and came across his post about the "Copy As Path" context menu option in Windows Explorer. Turns out this menu option is hidden unless you right click on a file while holding the shift key. It also turns out that this feature has been around for a while and I'm just now catching up :)


I thought this was pretty cool when I first found it but then I realized it always copied the path and wrappped it with quotes (Ex: "C:\Test.txt") I can understand why the quotes can be needed since paths can contain spaces but the quotes as a wrapper really should be an option. I couldn't find a way to disable this but after some quick googling I came across Gabriele Ponti's "Send To Toys". This tool simply adds extra context menu options to the Send To menu (one of them being "Clipboard (as name)"). In the config settings for this app, you can specify whether you want quotes or not. There's a few other cool send to options in there too. I had to download the 64 bit beta version since the 32 bit wasn't cooperating with my OS. This tool is probably not something that you'll be constantly using but it's always nice to have these small tools ready when you actually do need them. Check it out if you haven't already heard of it.

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