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Like a lot of geeks out there, I have my music collection nearly 100% digitized.  The ritual for the purchase of a new CD is to unrap it and immediately rip the CD into my MP3 USB hotswappable HD and then put it on my Creative Zen MP3 player.

(grumbles that my Xbox360 won't address my USB hotswappable HD...)

I go through phases where I listen to a "set" of stuff for a while and then periodically blank out my player and start over with a new set.  This is because I can't fit all of my music onto my 30 GB player.  (yes I have that many CDs)

Now, thanks to Wired Magazine and my dad's attention to detail, I have a new way to enjoy my music.  Its called Audio Surf.

Its published on the valve steam platform and downloadable for 10 bucks.  If you love music, you'll love this game.

Essentially this game creates a roller coaster based on the music track fed into it.  Climbing up when the tempo is slow, racing down when the tempo is fast. 

On the "Mono" level, you have colored blocks which if you collide with will give you points and grey blocks which will block you from gaining points.  The density of the blocks is dictated by the music.  Some songs have a higher density of blocks than others.

The more blocks, the more difficult the game EVEN if the coaster is uphill the entire way.

The most interesting track I've played so far has got to be the first movement of L. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.  It was 15 minutes of slow ups and fast downs with a LOT of traffic.

Most difficult track so far was I'm Shipping Up to Boston by The Dropkick Murphys.  The song itself is rather short but its 100% downhill FAST and with a high traffic density.

If you enjoy racing games, if you enjoy music, you'll definitely enjoy this game.

Check it out...the free demo will get you hooked I'll wager.

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# re: Ride your music
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I tried the demo with Rush's The Main Monkey Business and it was a 2am highway!

Prolly 'cause there were no vocals.
Left by brian on Jul 23, 2008 10:42 AM

# re: Ride your music
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Some tunes are more interesting than others. And the presence of vocals doesn't always determine the traffic density. I've not figured out the cause of that yet. I figured "End of the World (as we know it)" by REM would be a very interesting race but it really wasn't. Not sure why...

Keep experimenting though, there's lots of fun things out there.
Left by MES on Jul 23, 2008 10:53 AM

# re: Ride your music
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Ok, I tried AudioSurf. I can't say that I'm hooked. I may have just failed the full blown A.D.D. test. I like driving games, I like Tetris, and I like music--but my brain was overloaded. Maybe it was the song; I tried "Judith" by A Perfect Circle. . ..

The important part is what do I win--since I'm not hooked.
Left by zeno on Aug 06, 2008 6:47 PM

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