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I got on this site after attending one of Jeff's session at Day of .NET.  Have been trying to blog since.  My schedule was spotty at best, so I can't imagine what amount of work Jeff has put into the site so that people like us can put our 2 cents out there, track our own development progress, and just simply document our learning.

Thanks, Jeff.  And hope you will still blog here!

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Windows 8 Initial User Experience

Today is the second day I'm using a Windows 8 laptop.  Load up time is fast, and changing applications is very smooth.  However, I keep finding myself hitting the windows key (double-clicking a PDF file, and, what?  How do I get back?)

Other than that, the experience has been fine.  So far this has not been any worse than other windows upgrade experience I had so far.  No bad news is good news here.

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Wow, no words enough for my disappointment

Really cannot describe the disappointment felt at this moment. A month ago there was rumor out there saying Surface tablet will be around $200. Even though everybody agreed at the time that's not possible, or fair to Microsoft partners, the expectation was set.According to Paul Thurrott (http://www.winsupersite.co... the tablet starts at $499, but without the keyboard cover (Seriously, this is like offering Lincoln with manual shift). ......

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Saw a Windows Popup store in Galleria, St. Louis

It was on first floor near the Apple store (Apple store is on 2nd floor). But since I was with wife and kids, I didn't linger...Mary Jo Foley, as always, had the scoop: http://www.zdnet.com/micros... the question is whether to wait for the intel-based one; I guess the question before that one is whom I'm getting this tablet for.Still sworn off smartphone...[UPDATE 2012-10-16]This post was made minutes before another one, which destroyed ......

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