Performance issue with SharePoint Services 3.0 and SQL Reporting Services 2008 in integration mode

I'm having an issue here at a client site.  The report we designed runs fairly quickly in DEV, it takes 8 seconds for the report to render.  We now have the report deployed to the production SharePoint site and it's taking 1 minutes 8 seconds to load.

Both reports point to the same database, so there is no difference on the data side.  It's past 5 PM here so there is nobody on the SharePoint site, either.  There is a slight difference in the hardware: the prod has 0.5 GB less available memory than DEV, but has dual-core CPU while DEV is single.

The report doesn't even deal with a lot of data.  It's about 2000 records and 180 pages.  The stored procedure executes in 2 seconds.  There is almost no data manipulation on the report; there are some group sum calculations, but that's it.

One thing we find interesting is that executing on DEV resulted in 100% CPU usage, while it barely made a blip on either core of the CPU on prod.  So I started to wonder whether there is a setting to elevate the priority of the reporting services executables.

Appreciate any thought or suggestion.

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