BizTalk nsoftware SFTP adapter VS file encoding

We run into this problem time and time again, and just want to put out the blog and set the record straight.

BizTalk nsoftware SFTP adapter v2 does not have an option to change the encoding of the file.  The only possible way that I can see if to upgrade to v3 and use the "After Get" to simulate a FTP command to change the encoding of the file.  For another project, we used a sort of "hack" to ftp to and from an internal location to change the encoding, but that only made sense because it's a monthly file.

We are working on HL7 project.  The files come in by the thousands per day and they are all transactional, for example, the refill orders must depend on the original order.  The standard HL7 ORM schema calls for <CR><LF>, but the input file we got only has <LF>, which you can see in Notepad++.

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