BizTalk: Mapper: Script functoids: Enhancement of the UI

BizTalk: Mapper: Script functoids: Enhancement of the UI


Working with maps into the BizTalk Mapper more then a year, I've got some ideas how the Mapper can be improved.


Look at the Script functoid. Usually I have a lot of them because only very simple logic I can implement with combination of other functoids. If I have more then one "If" then I use a Script functoid (SF).

What I can see when I look at the map and try to understand logic of the SF? Nothing but only that "I have some logic inside". It is quite useless.

Want to know more? Click on the SF. Nothing changed. I have not get any information in the Property windows.

Trying to get information about SF I have to open windows under "Script" parameter to understand if this SF is Inline, External, XSLT template, or Inline XSLT.

Why I want to know this? I've got a project with maps. The first thing I'm going to discover is the inner logic of the map. I try to find out all links with other assemblies, for this I try to found out all Script functoids with "External scripts". And now I have to make a lot of monkey work: click on the SF, click on the "Script" field in the Parameters window, click "a secret" button in this field. All these clicks for EACH SF!


Lets imagine that I would have four sorts of scripts functoids, not only "Script functoid" but "Script Inline", "Script External", "XSLT Template", and "XSLT Inline."

Lets imagine that when I click on the SF I've got the real parameters of this SF:

For the Script External functoid: Assembly, Class, Method, Input and Output parameters.

For the Script Inline functoid: a Signature of this script, Input and Output parameters, Language (C#, VB, JScript).

Not sure about last two. I didn't work with them at all.

And of course, these SFs should get different icons :)



Does somebody have any comments? It would be realy appreciated...


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