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If you’re into PowerShell at all and you haven’t listened to the PowerScripting Podcast, you should definitely check it out.  I know you’ve seen me write about the show before, but I also know that alot of us don’t have time to listen.  Try downloading a copy and burning it onto a cd for your drive home, or copy it onto your mp3 player.  The show is done by Hal Rottenberg and Jonathan Walz, two great guys who are a big part of the PowerShell community and who work hard putting together a great show.

The show is great – heck even the advertisements are interesting.  IMO, the best things about the show are the interviews and the Ustream channel.  The interviews are always with very interesting people who are doing interesting things, and listeners can ask questions in advance or even from the Ustream chatroom.  

They post excellent show notes on their blog, and you can listen to previous episodes there too, or subscribe to their feed to get the podcasts in your podcast client (like the Primetime Podcast Receiver.  Have I mentioned that I hate iTunes?  And iPods?).

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