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Microsoft MVP Richard Seroter started a series of posts on building enterprise mashups using RSSBus.  Part 1, and Part 2.

A few weeks ago our Executive Director / Chief Architect / Technology Overlord recently asked me to build a real, live enterprise mashup application to demonstrate for our IT leadership group. Our goal was to show that RSSBus could be used to quickly and efficiently aggregate data in compelling new ways.   In the next few posts, I’m going to walk through our use case, and how I built a solution to solve this.

In this first post, Richard provides an outline of his problem, the solution he decided on, and how he would use RSSBus to help accomplish his goal.

In the second post, he demonstrates how he built feeds for his Excel sheets, his database, and a Google search.  One thing he didn’t mention is the guid for the items in the feed.  If the connector/script doesn’t create its own custom guid, the RSSBus engine will generate one itself by hashing all the attribute values.  This means that if anything about one of Richard’s customers changes, a new guid will be generated for the item pushed for that customer.  Sometimes this sort of automatic guid generation is not desired.  If Richard wanted to kill that behavior, he’d simply need to generate his own rss:guid in his script prior to pushing the item to the response stream.

I’ve talked about using RSSBus to build mashups before:
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